How To Pray For Nelson Mandela

James Preston 2 7:17 AM
The other day Corinne and I were praying, and we just felt God leading us to pray for Nelson Mandela.  It was a special time, and deeply emotional.  It wasn't very long, but we meant every word.

As we were praying, I found myself wondering what to pray for.  You know?  When you're praying out loud and people can hear you (and are listening) and you're thinking through each sentence before it comes out all while you're already speaking?  Haha.  What to pray can be one of the toughest questions to answer, which is why the disciples asked Jesus how to do it.  His answer stunned them and almost certainly disappointed them.  It was short and surprisingly simple.  And Jesus never said much else on prayer after that.  Helping us realise that prayer is simply talking to your Father, and speaking into being His promises.

So this got me thinking about all the prayer vigils and services happening around the world for Mr Mandela, and if there were others who wondered what I did; struggling to find the words to pray for this unique situation.  So I thought I would write up a basic outline of what we prayed that day.  Hopefully helping anyone who wants to pray for him but doesn't know what to say.  Hopefully it will give them a good guideline, and generate even more prayers for Mr Mandela.  Which can only be a good thing.

Nelson Mandela is arguably the greatest leader of our time.  I'll never forget an interview I did with the great DR RT Kendall, who, when I asked about his love for South Africa, couldn't help but talk about Nelson Mandela.  He said that he believed Nelson Mandela was the greatest leader to ever have lived since Biblical times.  That's a huge statement.  And I tend to agree with him.

We have a great opportunity to honour our hero by praying for him, and praying that only what is best would transpire.

I ask you to join me in praying for our great leader, Mr Nelson Mandela.  And if possible, read this out loud.  It holds a little more power that way.  If you're new to this, just know that God Almighty is your Father, and He Loves you more than anything, so you can call Him Dad, and talk to Him the way you would a loving Father:

"Dear Dad,
thank You for Nelson Mandela, and for raising him up to be such a great leader.
Thank You for everything he did for the nation of South Africa, and for so many around the world. 
May You reward him and bless him and his family for all the work he has done.
Bring him peace in this time, Holy Spirit comfort, and bring peace to his soul.  No matter what he is going through right now, may he know Your peace.
If he is to go home to be with You, may You take him home peacefully and with Grace.
I pray that if he is to go home to be with You, that it would be at the perfect time.  That you would ordain the perfect moment for him to enter the Courts of Heaven, and that when he eventually does, you would prepare his family, friends, and the world for that time.
But if he has the strength, and if the time is not now for him to go, give him the strength to fight.
I declare and release Your healing Power over him right now, and declare Life and health to manifest in his body.
Empower him and strengthen him to live many more full days in peace, rest and joy.
Father, I pray that you would protect him from those who selfishly want to dictate proceedings, and that only what is best for him would be allowed to take place in his hospital ward and home.
Bring peace to his family and to those who love him.  Let them know Your comfort and Your Love at this time.  And even for this nation; may there be a holy respect for him around South Africa at this time, and may the incredible legacy that he initiated and spearheaded continue for countless generations to come.  I pray that South Africa would become everything that he dreamed it would become and more!
Thank you again for such a great man.  Thank You for the work You did in him and through him.  Thank you for the great nation South Africa is and will become for his great work.
May you bless him and his family super-abundantly with Your Grace and Love,
In Jesus' Name,

Thank you for joining me in praying for our great leader Nelson Mandela.  May only the best for him transpire, as thousands of others around the world join in unity in declaring peace and comfort over him and his family.

Long live Mr Nelson Mandela.  And long live his great legacy.  God bless him, and God bless South Africa!


Thanks James for sharing that prayer, so helpful and indeed powerful

Thanks Trish. It was only my pleasure, I'm glad it helped. Thanks for taking the time to drop a comment!

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