This Is Water - The Greatest Philosophical Speech Ever?

James Preston Reply 6:45 AM
Wow.  Simply wow.  This could quite possibly be the most inspiring video I've ever watched.  It will educate you.  It will inspire you.  Do yourself a favour, schedule 10 mins in your busy week and make time to watch this.  I bookmarked it 4 days ago, and I am so glad I kept it on my "To-Do" list.

The video is made to the audio of a speech made by David Foster Wallace, one of the greatest modern philosophers and intellectuals to come from America.  He unfortunately committed suicide in 2008 after suffering serious clinical depression for 20 years.  I think when you watch a video of this nature, and the quality of his thoughts, it just goes to show how serious clinical depression really is.  I think of the dearly loved Rick Warren's son Matthew Warren who also committed suicide recently due to years of clinical depression.  If you suffer from clinical depression, I want to pray for you at the end of this post...

But I give you that prelude because David Wallace deserves as much credit as he can get.  In my opinion, he was one of the world's geniuses of his time.

I know you will enjoy this video.  It was made by a Production Company named "The Glossary" and it is simply astounding.  Creativity and inspiration of the highest order.  Watch and learn...

I conclude with this prayer in tribute to David Foster Wallace, and to so many others who have taken their own lives due to clinical depression (like Matthew Warren and so many others).  Like Matthew, David Foster Wallace's death was a loss to the entire world.  So many more thought-provoking messages lay wait in that mind, never to be heard on this side of death again.

If this prayer saves just one depressed mind.  It was worth it.  So please,  if you suffer from depression, read this out loud:
Father God,
I call out to You, Creator of all things.
I recognise You as my Creator, and my Father.
I need you to release Your Power into my mind and heal me of this depression.
I don't want to live like this any longer.
I receive Your free gift of Healing released at the Cross of Jesus Christ,
and by it I receive Your Spirit's Power to dissolve every chemical imbalance causing my depression for ever!
I receive Your Life and declare depression gone and broken right now!
I praise You and I thank You for Your Love for me, and Your free gift of healing.
In Jesus's name,

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