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James Preston Reply 4:30 AM
In case you haven't yet realised this: you were born to change the world.  And I am not talking about giving a beggar a bowl of soup (which by the way is extremely important to Jesus!)  I am talking about changing entire societies.  I believe the Bureaucratic way the world works of systems and admin and paperwork and diplomacy will be done away with for easy "yes" or "no" solutions that will change the way this world runs!  America will have tighter gun laws quicker because there will be less "wasting time" in Congress trying to convince delegates to pass the bill.  Communist dictatorships will bow before a democratically free government trusted by the people where decisions will be made easily because the people trust them!  We will get there.  I see a perfect world.  It is possible.  It will happen.  It's your job and mine to start the process of making it happen.

Now, in today's blog I want to talk about a serious society change.  Especially in the Capitalistic corporate society of the West.  Desks have become the new rock-crushers, and computers the chains that keep us there.  (I'm all for computers but go with the analogy).  I believe in a day when top corporates will believe in productivity being more important than "time"...

Last week I opened my blog post with "Productivity is more important than time."  That may sound a bit of an oxymoron, but if you think about it, it's not.  The traditional way the corporate world operates is within certain hours.  People arrive at a certain time, and they leave at certain time.  It used to be 9am-5pm.  It's now closer to 7am-5pm.  Many companies would have check-in and check-out systems in order to "check up" on how much time their employees were putting in.  This was all based on the assumption that the more time they spent at work, the more work they would get done. That's a serious assumption.  And it is flawed on so many levels.

What counts is not the time put in, but the atmosphere created for the work to be accomplished.  Motivating your employees is paramount in getting the most out of them.  A happy, relaxed, feel-good working environment.  Good remuneration.  Recognition of special achievements.

Having said that, I am in no way against set working hours.  In this crazy society we live in today, it is vital for people to know when offices are available etc.  Good working hours are good practice.  But there is a better way for employees to operate within these working hours.  Like shifts.  Days off.  Etc.

Places like Google, Facebook and Virgin are leading the way of a "new corporate environment".  Adam and Eve operated from Rest.  Jesus restored us to their state (and beyond!)  We should now operate from His Rest.  Work 4 days and rest 3!  Work 1 day and rest 6!  Work 6 days a week at 9 hours a day and rest 1; for 30 days straight, and then rest 30 days straight!  Work within the parameters of the job at hand.  What does the job at hand require to be done?  If it requires high intensity labour, work within human capabilities and always keep labourer's joy as a priority.

Big corporates who try and find the cheapest labour possible in order to make the maximum profit will soon be stung by their employees.  It is inevitable.  You let your emplyees know you value them, their families, their talents, their passions, and you will get high productivity.  No matter what they do.

So, this is a small taste of a new world.  Hopefully the next Larry Page or Richard Branson is reading this, or better... Prince William or Barack Obama.  If that's you, then think of this philosophy.  Productivity is more important than time.  As is your employees and "servant's" joy.

Let's change this world together.  For the better.

What do you think is wrong with Corporate Society of the West?

Is the West a primary culprit?  Is greed the problem?

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