Birthday Blog Competition Winners!

James Preston Reply 8:11 AM

When performing competitions, it is never easy to know that some people will miss out even though they were really, really keen.  Unfortunately, I only had 3 items I could give away for my birthday, so 3 winners it had to be.  Sorry to those of you who didn't win this time around, but remember that we will have more competitions throughout the year.  Plus you can order any of the materials on this blog my emailing me direct on sonicsubstance @ gmail . com

Congratulations to our winners!  They are:

Elize Friend
Jean Pomeroy-Ward
Adam Cruikshank

Well done guys and thanks for all of you who entered!

You guys can email me which item you would like to select from the list in the previous blog, and you can come and pick it up from my office in Pinetown!  Congratulations again!

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