God Has Something BIG For South Africa!

Anonymous 1 9:17 AM
Ok, so I am meant to be doing some serious work today... but I just got myself so excited I HAD to get this posted on the Blog!

Firstly, in case you didn't know... i LOVE South Africa! I was born in England but moved out to Durban (SA's 2nd largest city) when I was 6. I've been here ever since. In my 19 years of living here I have grown more and more in love with this beautiful nation. I love it.

And I mean love it to the point that I would die to see it enter into the fullness of what God has for it. Seriously.

It has a lot to do with the fact that I see this nation to potentially be one of the world's most powerful nations. And I don't say that lightly either. I really do mean it. Of course we have MASSIVE challenges, but NOTHING is impossible with God!

Here's why I had to write this post...

I was doing a bit of Bibly study and just found out that the first mention of currency in the Bible is GOLD in Genesis, and the last mention of currency is GOLD in Revelation. Gold is a very Biblical currency. Only in the last few hundred years have we substituted Gold and Silver for notes and artifical coins. Truth is, if you print more money than you have currency, you're in big debt. Your currency has to come from reserves that you actually own. Otherwise you're literally printing debt.

Here's where it gets exciting... So Biblically Gold is an important commodity, especially from a Biblical perspective.

I just remembered which country has the most gold reserves by a LONG way!!

Yep, you guessed it... SOUTH AFRICA. Tell me that's not exciting!!? Sure, we sell (and barely own) most of our Gold. But if we can get ourselves into a position of owning our own mines and managing our resources wisely, South Africa could well become one of the richest nations on the planet. With our gold reserves, that is easy. From a bit of research I believe we have 40,000 tonnes of gold remaining in the known reserves. We've already mined 41,000 tonnes in the last 100 years. That's another double awaiting to be mined, from our known reserves!

Come on now!

And that's only Gold we're talking! What about our other numerous reserves of Coal, Titanium, Aluminium, Copper? What about our remarkable tourism opportunities? What about our massive labour force of willing workers!? (God is making a way to such beautiful people).

What about the hosting of the FIFA World Cup this year? How about that for a springboard to greatness!?

If us South Africans would rise up, and see the MASSIVE potential in this incredible country, and Godly men and women would rise up in love, forgiveness and Truth! Man, this country is going to be a significant Light to the nations!


Very cool post James! I really like those thoughts on the gold in SA. Makes you think hey!
Keep em coming brother!

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