DR Michael Eaton Interview

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I had the privilege of interviewing Michael Eaton, "the world's greatest theologian alive today", a short time ago.

This is part of "The Leadership Podcast" I run on my website.

In the interview Michael deals with issues like "balancing family life with ministry"; "where the church in the West went wrong"; and he even talks about what he would like to be remembered for in the future.

You can download the interview and put it on your iPod or Mp3 player, or listen to it on your computer. Click on the link below to get going!

To go to the Leadership Podcast... CLICK HERE

There is no copy-right on the podcast, so you are welcome to make duplicates and give it to people who you think could benefit.

There will be more from the "Leadership Podcast" going into the future!

Until next time...

I hope you're all ready for Increasing Glory 2009!

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