Pure Poverty

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For those that don't know, I have just returned from spending a week in Delhi, India. One of the most densely populated cities in the world. With over 13 million people in the city alone, there are 9294 people per sqaure kilometre. And that fact is certainly experienced.

This picture on the left barely does justice to the situation. Everywhere you go in the city, the sense of being surrounded seldom, if ever, leaves you. And with so many people in such a small area, there is bound to be poverty. But the poverty in India, and in particular Delhi, is different. It impacts you in ways you cannot imagine.

But what is so remarkable is that the people without don't look longingly at those with much. It is a very different mindset.

Of course, here in South Africa poverty is abundant. But those in poverty feel like the world owes them something. Beggars expect to be given to. It is their right. And this is wrong. But let me not digress...

The poor in India accept their circumstances, and the only reason they beg is because they have nothing else left. It is their only hope for survival. Take this woman for instance...

She was one of many that wrenched my heart. She expected nothing. She is the epitomy of pure poverty. Nothing left. Not even her dignity.

Oh Jesus, give me the Grace to outwork your love for people like this in the physical realm. You would have held this woman in your arms. Embraced her. While thousands pass her by each day, your love would have penetrated her heart as you showed it to her in action. Jesus, your Gospel is for everyone, especially the poor. Open our hearts to this Truth. One of the many that transpire from the Message of Love that is the Gospel.

I am back in South Africa now, and I will be posting an entire album of my truly remarkable experience in India on my website www.sonicsubstance.com within the next week.


I can't wait to see your album from India.

There are some places that change you just being in their presence. I imagine India must be one of them. I've never known anyone to visit India and return home the same.


Yeah, you're absolutely right, Deneen.

I was deeply moved by the nation. The people are so welcoming and hospitable. And there seems to be no malice whatsoever. Everyone just gets on with life, with the job at hand. It is an entirely different dynamic to what Westerners are used to, what with our stressful lifestyles and all.

Thanks for the comment. I will let you know when my full album is posted!

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you enjoyed it! :-D

God bless,


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